About Greenman House

Greenman House is dedicated to promoting ideas that foster sustainable republic that has the wherewithal to continually renew itself: socially, economically, and technologically.

The keys to sustainability are :
  • An educated and informed electorate capable of voting for responsible representatives and issues
  • A robust economy capable of transforming itself as conditions change
  • A strong technological base that can meet challenges that threaten economic wellbeing, social cohesion, environmental safety, and national security and readily adapt to new opportunities
The goal is to provide the republic's citizen's the opportunity to pursue happiness and economic wellbeing

Our two symbols embody the spirit of Greenman House

Greenman House Logo

Greenman House LogoGreenman House logo is a fusion of the Celtic Tree of Life, an owl and the word "adept". The Celtic Tree of Life shows a tree with its branches and roots connecting together in a seamless knot. The connected roots and branches show the relationships between the foundations of an idea and its fruits. The seamless nature of the knot shows how all the parts of an idea are connected together. The owl is a symbol of wisdom. The word "Adept" signifies the skills and knowledge required to apply wisdom to solve problems..

Green Man

GreenmanThe Greenman is a symbol of renewal and life. A successful republic must be evergreen--it must be able to weather the storms as well as the spring and remain evergreen. The republic must have the ability to sprout new growth as required, while maintaining its existing growth.

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