TheVoltaire Center of Speculative Fiction

Voltaire was a philosopher and author who wrote powerful fiction to express the ideas of the Enlightenment

Delphi LogicDelphi Logic opens the Noosphere series. The action packed book weaves together themes from mythology, cognitive studies, virtual reality, and suspense into a fast-paced science fiction thriller. Gloria Ravenscroft seeks to heal the wounds she sees in society. To do it, she builds a company that makes brain implants that allow access to the newly emerging cognitive and virtual networks that directly access the brain. Her goal is to induce thoughts of Apollo in implantees to bring back the god Apollo and establish a society based on rational thought. Unfortunately, she does not realize that Apollo's meme was only one aspect of a balanced and complicated meme. The project therefore traps implantees in a frightening and off-balanced virtual reality that they must understand and then restore the balance between rational thought and sub-conscious thought and inspiration. If Gloria and a few others that understand the problem cannot act soon enough, the network will be compromised with disastrous consequences for society. Along the way Gloria and others undergo significant transformation and grow to understand the dynamics of integrated consciousness.

Crusaders' Vow: Unleashing the Wolf Unleashing the Wolf is set fifty years in the future where government social spending consumes budgets and causes governments to run huge deficits. Government borrowing dominates capital markets, crowding out private financing. However, they know that if they stop the programs it will generate tremendous social instability, which could foment riots and potential class warfare. The effects ripple throughout society, culture, and the economy. With their budgets consumed with social spending, governments can no longer maintain effective security and innovation stagnates. Large, global corporations called megas, therefore create their own private military forces to provide their own security. These forces not only protect corporate sites and resources, but the corporations often contract out the forces to other groups in civil wars, insurgencies and chaotic situations.

AletheiaThirty years after its founding, an Egyptian rebellion threatens to destroy Alexander the Great's dream city of Alexandria. While Ptolemy and his army are preoccupied in Syria, a group under the mysterious leader Ahmose threatens to end Greek rule and build a new resurgent Egyptian kingdom. The murder of an Egyptian smuggler holds the key to stopping the rebellion before it can unravel the fabric of Alexandria's multi-cultural society. Hephaesodoros, his new Egyptian lover Nefertiti, and friend and mentor Pakur must quickly trace the strands of the mystery and defuse the rebellion before it starts. Along the way, they will confront the Egyptian criminal underworld, a corrupt priesthood, Greek and Jewish philosophers, and a surprisingly enlightened Ahmose. The fate of a grand experiment rests squarely on their shoulders.

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