Political Science Papers

James Madison
Political Science Papers
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Can a Non-State Actor be a Moral Agent that is Ethically Responsible for its Actions?The paper first discusses the key attribute that allows an individual to be a moral agent—that is someone who is capable of making a moral decision and acting upon it. It then shows that groups have the same capacities to be a moral agent. From there, the paper extrapolates to institutions and shows that an institution may have the capacity to be a moral agent depending upon its structure. Finally, it shows that non-state actors that meet the prescribed institutional requirements can be moral agents.

Support to Israel: Path Dependent Institutions or the Hijacking of United States Policy by an Interest Group?This paper first builds a framework for analysis that includes an institutional model. It then reviews critical data pertinent to the question, such as historical events, congressional bills, related to Israel, USG spending on Israel, and Israeli lobbying efforts. It then analyzes the data within the framework to answer the question, why does the USG continually support Israel even it this support is contrary to international opinions and potential ethics and moral violations?

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