The Founders

James Madison
The republic's founders were a surprisingly diverse group that engaged in serious debate over the founding of the republic and its governance.
The founders of the Republic are an increasingly forgotten group. An increasing amount of Americans cannot even identify George Washington, perhaps the most well known of the founders. Basic education programs spend little, if any time, on the founding of the Republic and its founders. Perhaps the most coverage they get is to look at their flawa rather than their strengths and what they accomplished. Since they were all white males, many social historians try to show these men built a government designed to protect their monied interests and often focus on the dichotomy of "all men are created equal" in a government that legalized and condoned slavery. While all of these alternative views have a degree of merit, they neglect the salient point that these men created a government that has preserved liberty for over 200 years. In spite of their flaws, they did something right. We forget that at the peril of our hard won liberty.

When the Republic was first formed, it condoned slavery

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