Kowledge Management for the New Enlightenment

Benjamin Franklin
Knowledge Management for the New Enlightenment
The New Enlightenment depends upon knowledge spread and use as much as the original 18th century Enlightenment. The difference is that the technology is no longer dependent upon the printing press and the speed a book could be printed and distributed or a letter could be sent. It is also not pigeon-holed into books and letters. Technology allows information to reside in many accessible repositories and to be nearly instantaneously available.

The problem is there is so much data on the internet that is either not relevant, not reliable, or at best tangentially relevant to the New Enlightenment. Therefore, Greenman House will establish a virtual repository of information relevant to supporting a Sustainable Republic.
Key issues include:
  1. Trends in political thought
  2. Trends in educationaware nn
  3. Trends in free press and freedom of speach
  4. Trends in security
  5. Trends in Economics
  6. Trends in Energy
  7. Trends in sustainable development

The challenges are to window through the chaff to find the wheat and be able to discern the key emerging trends and to shape their outcomes. This will involve not only "traditional" libraries, and yes, even websites, but also social media and technology of which we may not even be now. This means that Knowledge Management for the New Enlightenment will required new tools and concepts--all operating on the key Knowledge Management principles.

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